Neuheit 2012: Ratatouille Darkride?

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Neuheit 2012: Ratatouille Darkride?

Beitrag von AlexRock am Do Jan 14, 2010 7:12 pm

Disneyland Paris 20 th anniversary will be in two years from now and of course the biggest DLP fan question remains the same: what will be the 20th anniversary attraction? Since months everyone wonder which one between the Ratatouille and Little Mermaid dark rides will be the next E-Ticket and i'm sorry to say that, if no announcement have been done it's probably because nothing yet is totally sure.

As usual it's all about money and although 2009 guests attendance was good, last year financial results were not fantastic. So, what is doing the park when they need to build a E-Ticket attraction and don't necessarily have the money for? Well, they do exactly like we do when we want to buy a new home or a new car, they go to see their bank and ask if they can borrow some money! They did a financial plan which was sent recently to the banks, and now everybody - including us - is waiting for its approval and the funds which will come with it. It will take probably some months to have the bank's answer but the park still have some time before the works must begin to make sure that a new E-Ticket will open on time in April 2012.

However, considering that almost two years are generally needed for this kind of attraction, next June will probably be the dead line to begin the works. And, depending where these will be, DLP fans will know immediately - even with no official announcement - what is the final choice. I'm still betting on the Ratatouille dark ride not only for reasons explained in one of my previous article but mostly because the attraction is now on WDI schedule. Historically, when an attraction appear on the WDI schedule it means that the attraction has received the green light from the park. So, if you have to bet on one attraction as the next DLRP E-Ticket, i think you can put your bets on the Ratatouille dark ride.

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